Hello! I started working in a company where I had worked before, and for a long time I no longer have the ticket card, which was not the legal good at the time; my question and the company solves or am I the one who needs to solve to go to a very legal card post? I have a very cool card that the student has lost the most, like Do I do 2 via I lost my very cool card, I wonder how to behave. Are you just taking the second way or is it necessary to make a lock on the other? I have doubts about the second type of student card very cool, I lost my card inside, I do not know where to put, but to make the second means accurate police report? – Network Application Point Right Card Legal Well, CittaMobi, RecargaPay (Android/IOS) (only with debit card, credit or digital wallet of the application); – With the more than 130 (one hundred and thirty) points of sale of the convenience network (Rede Ponto Certo / QIWI) against payment of the convenience fee. Santo Amaro, Jardim Glória, Quadra G (debit or credit card only); – Supermarket São Domingos (Benedito Bentes) – Top-up totem: Rua C Sessenta, 272 – Benedito Bentes (debit or credit card only). I have a doubt, I own the legal asset of the company, but since I have been working remotely for more than a year, it is unused and without credit can I make a good legal citizen? As indicated on our website, we have indicated that the request for suspension of the card of the URBAN system must be addressed to the address bloqueio@cartaobemlegal.com.br from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 17:00, except on public holidays, taking into account the type of card used, the card number, the reason for the blocking, the CPF (if it is Vale-transporte pessoa, Escolar, citizen) and the CNPJ of the company (if you are a legal person). You can also send an email requesting the block to the email address: bloqueio@cartaobemlegal.com.br indicating the username, card number, CPF, mother`s name, date of birth and reason for the suspension, Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 07:00 to 17:00. We emphasize that the use of the citizen`s social protection card (50.02.00…) by the employees of a company constitutes an illegality and gives the company the margin of manoeuvre for Federal Law No. 7.418 of 16 December 1895 under Decree No. 95.247 of 17 November 1987, which incorporates Law No. 7418 of 16 December 1985 introducing the transport voucher with the amendment of Law No.

7.619 of 30 September 1987, by clearly defining the rights and obligations of employers and their employees who receive the ticket. You can find all the necessary information on our website www.cartaobemlegal.com.br by selecting the type of card you want via the menus: What is it, how to get it and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Currently, the consultation of the balance and reload of the e-ticket can take place in the sptrans service stations, the consultation terminals and the reloading application. The “Ponto Certoâ” application allows the mobile phone to be a mobile station and join a network of 10,000 charging stations available to users. Only one redirect is possible. Full service available only in the green phase of the emergency plan! This option should be used by people who have private employees, such as maid, gardener, driver, nanny, etc. Hello, Ana. The data is requested by the civilian police at the time of the preparation of the police report, so we do not have the opportunity to give you this information. Administrative headquarters of SMTT – Avenida Durval de Góes Monteiro, No. 829, Tabuleiro do Martins, POSTAL CODE: 57061-000 – In case of DEFAULT: The defective card will be kept and a new card will be provided free of charge. You can contact SMTT via email atendimento@smtt.maceio.al.gov.br WhatsApp (82) 98232-2887. Visit the Well Legal Card gas station at Avenida Durval de Góes Monteiro, 7435 (after the headquarters of smtt, entrance to Cleto Marques Luz, corner Avenida Santana) Tabuleiro, Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 08:00 to 14:00.

Simply enter the Social Security number, date of birth, and a contact phone. After 48 hours you will drive to Transurc, rua 11 de Agosto, 757, Centro, with a personal ID, plus the payment of two to eight current fares for the issuance of the 2nd way of the Carton School Ticket. Hello, I just went to the terminal unit of Benedito Bentes, facing a huge queue, without even preferring. So that the companion says that he has not made the request of the second route that he is in the list of points. Presence 0 and respect for the population 0. Our auto parts are designed for different audiences, ages and situations, so you`re safe wherever you are. In ALL situations described above, the credits that the student had on the previous card will be passed to the new card. The school`s legal property card will only be issued in the event of annual feedback in accordance with Decree No. 6.383 of 16 January 2004 amending Decree No. 5.860/99, which establishes the regulation of the electronic school traffic card – CETE and provides for other measures. Requests for a voucher fee paid by cheque will only be available for reloading after the bank statement has expired. No.

According to Decree No.