Citradream Hotels is a hotel management company owned by PT Ciputra Hospitality, a subsidiary of Ciputra group. Currently Citradream is operating 5 hotels in 5 cities namely, Cirebon, Semarang, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bintaro. 

The development of Citradream Hotels will further strengthen the existence of Ciputra business group which has been recognized as a property developer company for more than 30 years. Experience and quality of work owned by Ciputra Business Group will certainly be very support in the development of Citradream hotels.

Citradream Hotels offers modern, affordable, international accommodation facilities. Our Target market is business people and tourists, both domestic and international. Our hotel offers a high quality hotel service packed in authentic Indonesian hospitality to meet the expectations and satisfaction of our guests.

Dapatkan Promo Spesial Ciputra Festival

Ciputra Festival

Dapatkan promo spesial selama event Ciputra Festival, mulai dari Rp. 240,000 Net. Untuk pemesanan bisa melakukan reservasi di website ini. informasi lebih lanjut bisa chat melalui Whatsapp resmi kami di 0812 1000 2256

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